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PRECISE automation products and solutions to fit your needs

ince 2010, “Precise Industrial Solutions” has risen as a leading name in Industrial Automation. Speci technology-driven design, manufacture and commissioning of integrated solutions with Siemens Automation products. Our approach incorporates Digital Twin, Automation, and Digital Services. This unique value proposition unlocks potential opportunities by deriving value from data across single assets and entire plants. Our focus remains on providing innovative system integration solutions that boost efficiency, quality, flexibility, and speed to meet our customers’ needs.


Our Partners

Precise commitment to providing a World-Class Product Mix dictates that we only work with the best. Our select product mix is a result of a partnership.


Quality System

Precise Product is committed to our customer’s requirements. we work very hard to maintain ISO 9001:2015 certification. we are responsible .



Precise relies on industry and business associations to keep abreast of market changes, technology advances, best business practices, and other.



Precise is a dynamic and demanding organization that requires a commitment to our community, environment, and people. Information on careers.

Our Approach

Our aspiration is to stand as a worldwide frontrunner in automation, spearheading digital transformation and providing businesses with the means to unleash their utmost capabilities. We envisage a forthcoming era in which automation seamlessly converges with all sectors of industry, catalyzing process revolution and empowering organizations to attain unparalleled levels of effectiveness and accomplishment.

In pursuit of our goal, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technological solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Our focus is on enabling our customers to realize unprecedented levels of efficiency and success through the implementation of advanced technologies.

Our Team

Ashish Sharma


Smita Gadade


Komal Mithani

Sr. Hr & MIS Executive

Ranjita Newalkar

Chief Accountant

Precise automation products and solutions to fit your needs

Reduce the manufacturing operational cost and equipment downtime with our precise automation and digital solutions.

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