about digital twin

The virtual copy of the value chain on three level; product, production and performance.

Digital Twin
(Product Level)

Siemens Controllers and HMI – Simulate and Validate product properties depending on the respective requirements, all in advance.

Digital Twin
(Production Level)

Production Machines to advance production lines – Sources of error or failure can be identified and prevented before actual operation begins in order to save time and cost involved.

Digital Twin
(Performance Level) - IIOT

Insights of product, production data and energy consumption data from manufacturing systems are constantly monitored, which is then being analyzed in the cloud to to perform predictive maintenance to prevent downtime and optimize energy consumption.

Our Process

Virtual commissioning of production machine

A digital twin is a virtual double of a product, a machine, a process or of a complete production facility. Digital twins not only enable products to be conceived, simulated, and manufactured faster than inthe past, but also to be designed with a view to improved economy, performance, robustness or environmental

Physical & Kinematic Mode


electrical model & behaviour pattern

Active components  & behavior of peripherals


Logic of the the PLC program & visualization

Why DIgital twin

We support our customers in unlocking the full potential of digitalization for the company by providing leading technologies for automation and digital solution.

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Digital twin Technology

To Validate Automation program. To check how the automation code reacts in case of failure. To Train operators, how to use the machines. To check the production machines operation on Simulating. To reduce Commissioning time and Cost.

Solution Process Improvements

Shorter time to production. Quicker change cycles. Achieve a High quality PLC code. Optimized performance of the machine or system. Reduced cost of production failures and downtime. Reduced cost for physical prototypes.


  • Shorter time to production.
  • Quicker change cycle.


  • High quality PLC code.
  • Optimized performance.

Less expensive

  • Cost of production.
  • Cost of prototype.

Precise automation products and solutions to fit your needs

Reduce the manufacturing operational cost and equipment downtime with our precise automation and digital solutions.

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